Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'll show you walkability...

A few weeks ago I started walking to and from work a few days a week. Per this is a round trip of about 4.4 miles which means that walking to and from work 2.5 times equals one pint of Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake or Willie Nelson Peach Cobbler ice cream; walking 3 times equals a pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream...wait a minute...what was I talking about? Oh yeah...walking...I started doing this for a number of reasons - I live close, no reason to not walk, save a little gas, save a little coin, get some exercise. So far, other than the light rain this morning and no umbrella, I have really enjoyed it. I get to start my morning with an extra dose of Highland Park, follow it up with Mt. Hope Ave and Mt. Hope Cemetary, Ford Street Bridge and the Genesee River and then beautiful and historic Corn Hill. I arrive to work more alert than if I sleep-driven in and feeling pretty good about life. This walk allows me to enjoy the old stone sidewalks along Mt. Hope, the statue of Frederick Douglas - looking north towards freedom, or Charlotte - to enjoy the Ellwanger Berry built homes and to generally notice all of the details that you fly past in a car.

In fact, I have so enjoyed my walks that I have started walking to other meetings as well - this past week was a short trip down South Ave to the NeighborWorks headquarters for a Home Buyer Orientation, to represent The Home Room and The Landmark Society. The funky little shops, bars, restaurants, parks, sculptures and houses. What a feast for the senses South Ave is. I noticed a turn of the century house with crazy mid century addition on the front that I have driven past a million times and have never seen before. What fun.

I encourage every to walk one place this week that they would normally drive to. Tell me what you see along that way that you don't see from your car...

posted by Rebecca Rowe, Preservation Program Coordinator


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Kate said...

Good for you! Although I'm not familiar with your city, it sounds like a truly lovely walk to take.

On this end of the country I've recently figured out that my favorite weekend coffee shop is only 1.18 miles away, and though the walk isn't as monumental as yours sounds, it does take me through some interesting neighborhoods. I've been trying to drive less/walk-bike more, and it's always encouraging to hear other stories.