Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Most people are deathly afraid to participate in fundraising. Yes, it is rather intimidating to ask people for money, but I find it rewarding to raise funds for a cause I believe in. And, I believe in historic preservation! How could I not get excited about raising funds to help protect the beauty of the city, parks and countryside which I enjoy every day?

We recently sent our members a request for support which illustrated examples of how historic preservation touches our lives every day. How many of us have savored a breakfast burrito at the Public Market, ridden the Denzel Carousel, kicked a volleyball at the beach or relished a martini at Restaurant 2Vine?

Rebecca Rowe, Landmark Society’s Preservation Program Coordinator eloquently described on this blog her walk to work each day. Besides the obvious health benefits, Rebecca is fortunate to walk through such beautiful neighborhoods on her way to work. And just think of the destination, the Hoyt Potter House! I thank my lucky stars every day that I am fortunate enough to work in this beautiful building, in this beautiful neighborhood. What would be here if members of The Landmark Society had not been working diligently for over 70 years to make sure future generations can connect with and enjoy our past?

So, don’t feel too sorry for me if you think my job is hard, it’s not. But you can help make it a lot easier by giving to The Landmark Society’s Spring Appeal! Your support means so much and will allow members of The Landmark Society to continue our good work.

And, by the way, how does historic preservation touch your life every day? I would love to hear about it, post your comments and I will share them in my future blogs.

Susan Latoski
Director of Development