Thursday, June 5, 2008

Historic Tours! Tours! Tours!

You’re off on an adventure when you travel with The Landmark Society!

As one of the oldest and most active preservation organizations in America, The Landmark Society of Western New York prides itself on offering travel steeped in history, architecture and cultural heritage. With over 20 years experience of planning and hosting tours, who better than The Landmark Society to guide the way to unique, interesting and fun destinations?

We offer a tremendous variety of extended trips to locales outside of New York State, as well as many day trips intended to explore the amazing adventures to be had right here in our own back yard.!

We spend countless hours searching for extraordinary destinations, places and activities that showcase exceptional features off the traditional beaten path. All our tours are distinctive, fun, totally worry free and personally escorted to ensure you have the time of your life!

We create a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can meet new friends and enjoy a group atmosphere, yet still feel extremely comfortable and have the freedom to enjoy independent exploration. Many of our traveling friends have been traveling with us for over 20 years and have made lifetime friends in the process. When so many travelers continue to return, we know we are doing things right!

Read what some former tour-goers have to say:

“We enjoyed our experience and met some special people!”

“Wonderful! This is a first time experience traveling with The Landmark Society. I will certainly sign up for another tour.”

“Wonderful trip with wonderful memories.”

We are proud of our quality tours in the historic destinations we choose. Join us on our next excursion and discover for yourself why our tours remain so popular.

Happy Travels!

posted by Cheryl Corsi, Director of Member Services