Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Need a neck brace yet?

Well, the Renaissance Square project just keeps getting more and more convoluted as days go on. If you've been following along at home, you've likely suffered whiplash from all the back and forth between Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy and RGRTA Chief Mark Aesch.

(If you need to get caught up on the Ren Square happenings, here are the latest pieces from CITY Newspaper and the Democrat and Chronicle.)

Many have asked us here at Landmark what we're doing in this process. In a nutshell, we're not the decision makers. We do, however, stand as we always do, for sound urban planning.

To that end, we've decided to share with you a letter we sent to the Rochester City Council on July 15 outlining our concerns. (You can read the letter in its entirety here.)

As Yogi Berra is oft-quoted, "It's ain't over 'til it's over..." With all of this taxpayer money on the line, and the impact this project will have on the urban fabric of Rochester, we hope once the dust settles that we can move forward with a plan that will be a shining star in Rochester's crown instead of something which tarnishes our glorious city.

posted by Laura Keeney Zavala, Director of Marketing


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Vicki said...

That's a very good letter. Unfortunately, no one is going to pay any attention to it; this has become a political tug-fo-war now, and no one on City Council has any interest in maintaining our old buildings. Newer building bring in more tax money. Case closed.

No one is thinking with his or her head in this process, least of all Maggie Brooks.