Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Indiana Jones....the preservationist?

Interesting article in today's CITY Newspaper about the role archeologists play in preservation. Share your thoughts! - LKZ

Precious Pieces of the Past
by Christine Carrie Fien

Ewing and his staff bid competitively
on jobs throughout the Northeast, guiding clients - often developers or municipalities - through archaeological, architectural, and historical compliance issues.

"The developer foots the bill," Ewing says. "They don't like it, but they have to do it because it's part of their permitting process."

Ewing's team provides archaeological reviews to make sure the history and culture of chosen sites are protected before development begins. The reviews are required for projects that are funded, licensed, or approved by state or federal agencies.

...The goal is to eventually arrive at a recommendation: Does the site have the potential to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Making the list is "a pat on the head," Lanphear says, and it enables the town to apply for grants for the property. There are other benefits, as well.

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