Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Windows - an addendum

My post from yesterday inspired Jay Rowe, a blogger for RocEarth.com, to draw my attention to a piece he wrote last month, which was based on information from a talk I gave last September at MCC (got all that?). I remember Jay because he came up after the talk to ask me a bunch of great questions, and followed up with a really nice email saying that before he heard my talk, he wasn't sure if he was doing such a "green" thing by sensitively rehabbing his house in the city, but I persuaded him he was, indeed, doing one of the greenest things he possibly could!

There are lots of pieces about windows out there (and believe it or not, we only post a tiny fraction of them here) but I really think Jay's is one of the best and most thoughtful I've seen - maybe it's because I'm flattered that he mentioned me so nicely and that he remembers my talk all these months later, but really, I think he lays out the issues and what a homeowner can do in a very straightforward and helpful way.

Posted by Katie Eggers Comeau, Director of Preservation Services


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