Thursday, May 21, 2009

LEGOs + architecture = WIN

I was doing my daily geekery reading (i.e. checking out and stumbled across something pretty cool.

Frank Lloyd Wright LEGOs. let me say it again: Frank. Lloyd. Wright. LEGOS! Click here to see for yourself...I fully hope you will squeal with joy along with me.

The set is the first release in what looks to be a new LEGO line - architecture. This begs the question of to whom LEGO will market these "toys" - is this for fanboys and fangirls of architecture? Or, instead, will this be positioned to spark an interest in architecture in kids, perhaps spawning a future generation of architects and designers? Both? Regardless, it's pretty cool.

LEGO, along with several other building-type toys, helps to foster a love of construction, building, form, function and yes, creativity. I wonder how many architects were spawned based on an early love of LEGO. (Speaking personally, if my childhood LEGO creations were any indication of a future career path, I should be in the business of building alien spacecraft with chocolate milk ray-guns right now....and we'd all live in houses with very oddly-colored and strangely-angled shapes. Obviously a great architect I was not meant to be, but as Frank Lloyd Wright said, "regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral." Boy, did I build a lot of figurative chicken houses...)

What architects would you like to see included in future LEGO:Architecture releases? What structures could you only dream of seeing in LEGO form? And how hilarious would it be to see a new LEGO video game tie-in as well?

The possibilities are endless.

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posted by Laura Keeney Zavala, director of marketing