Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

This year is the 40th anniversary of Earth day on April 22. Have you decided what will you be doing to celebrate this memorable day. Are you going to Wegmans to grab your free reusable bag this Saturday or sewing your own bag with your kids? Planting more trees, recycling your garbage or using bio-degradable, natural cleaning supplies. Apparently all these activities seem to be such a natural way of spending your Earth Day.

Have you ever wondered how sustainable it is for our mother earth to re-use historic buildings. Save millions of kilowatts of energy by not dumping the landfill with bulldozed building wastes. This thought for some reason does not seem to be very natural, Isn't it! Trust me! Reusing a historic building is the most sustainable act for our planet earth.

This Saturday on April 24, we at Landmark Society are celebrating the earth day by organizing its 24th annual regional preservation conference. At this conference you will learn all that is to know about reusing a historic building-- enhancing main streets, how do you green your historic building, preservation case studies and strategies from your very own Wayne County, new historic tax credits and design review process.

You still have time to make your Earth Day special by attending our conference! A wonderful way to commemorate this day! We are still open for registrations! Hurry and make earth day a special day!

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Posted by Nimisha Thakur, preservation associate

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