Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you looking for a house in the City? Don’t know where to start?

See what our past tour goers have to say about Rochester City Living Saturday tours…..

With spring in its splendor Landmark Society is offering you all these wonderful opportunities to enjoy the glorious sunshine and learn new things about your city that you live and breathe every single day of your life. This coming Saturday (March 20) Landmark Society in collaboration with City of Rochester is offering FREE bus tours of your city followed a City living expo on Sunday for two consecutive weeks.

This program is specifically focused on people who are interested in buying a house in the City. The bus tour begins at 2 pm on this Saturday and will leave from Landmark Society’s headquarters. It is approximately a 3 hour tour. This weekend’s tour will focus on east side neighborhoods. We will go through the curving streets of Cobbs Hill, stunning avenues of East Avenue, explore the funky architecture of Upper Monroe, Park Ave, Neighborhood of the Arts and lots more……

It is our promise, whether you are brand new to the City or have been living here for years; you will discover new things about your city that you never knew before. If you don’t believe us, see what our past tour goers have to say about the tour:

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it 100”—Carrie Peterson

“Our tour guide was fascinating! In all my life I have never come across a guide who is so passionate and knows everything”— Cathryn Callahan

“I have been living in the City for more than 30 years but never knew about so many places that we saw today” – Pamela Higginson

Now, the choice is yours! Make the most of this opportunity. For more details on the event, you can visit

Posted by Nimisha Thakur, Preservation Associate