Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Survey Says...

How many of us remember that line from the old TV show "Family Feud?"

Here at The Landmark Society we are hoping to echo that line frequently in the next few weeks. And frankly, the answers will be up to you.

We're sending out a survey on family programming through our Landmark Alerts e-newsletter, on our website, and through this blog! We don't bug people often with a survey (I actually can't remember the last time) but we are really interested in getting feedback on what is important to our community members in family programming. We're searching for fun, enticing, convenient, affordable program ideas!

So here is our special request to take part in a brief survey on family programming at The Landmark Society.

If you have children, grandchildren or other young relatives under the age of 18 in the Rochester area, please participate! If you don't - please consider sharing the survey link with friends who might.

The survey is mostly multiple choice, and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. There are some optional comment sections, if you'd like to share more. All of the responses are confidential.

Here is the link to the survey: 2010 Family Survey

If you choose, you may opt to be entered in a drawing for some nice thank you gifts, including a Landmark Society family membership, free family admission to Full Moon Flashlight Tours, and other prizes.

We want really good representation from across the community, and we really need your help to spread this opportunity beyond our usual list of Landmark supporters. It's important that we hear from folks who may not know about our programs, not just those who have already attended.

Thank you so much for helping us "shine a light" on what is important in our family programming!

Submitted by Cindy Boyer, Director of Museums and Education