Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rochester's Underground

Last Saturday, October 11th, my wife, Carole and I recently had the opportunity to visit the fabled Rochester Underground beneath Broad Street. While this was on a large tour as part of the River Romance festivities and we only traveled from South Ave to the Blue Cross Arena, I couldn't help but be taken by this once great and bustling area. I felt I could almost see and hear the trains pass as workers came and went from their downtown jobs. I enjoyed listening to the city planners discuss their ideas for use and revitalization of the space. I think anything that can be done with this asset should be done, save 2 options: fill it in or leave it alone. If you haven't been down there, find an opportunity to go; perhaps the City will be offering these free tours again. Don't go alone or in a small group. There are many groups out there talking about the future of this underground world. One group that hosted the free tour on Saturday is the Canal Society of NYS. See their web site by clicking here. Hopefully it won't remain in its current state for very long.

By Mark Lombard, husband of our Finance Officer, Carole Lombard. Mark is a "volunteer" at the Landmark Society (like all of the spouses are)!